Predictions, promises and opinions* are stated on all sorts of subjects every day. They often need to be followed up or, in some cases, brought to task, but can be forgotten over time.

Resurfacr is where you can upload predictions and be reminded when their outcomes are due, so you can see if what was said days, weeks, months, years before was correct. Why? Because there is nothing better than reading a prediction with the benefit of hindsight!

Search through thousands of predictions covering all sorts of subjects – sport, finance, technology, the environment, politics…and more. Select predictions you want to be reminded about and receive an email on their ‘due date’. See who knows what they are talking about, keep politicians and public figures accountable for what they say, or just have a laugh. Resurfacr is about having fun, as well as being informed.

Comment on predictions and rate the accuracy of those that have passed their due date. Click on who stated the prediction to find other predictions by that person. And when you click on the ‘Remind Me’ button found on each prediction, it will be added to your personal Reminders list and you will be sent an email when the outcome is due.

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Lastly, and possibly best of all, Resurfacr is free … and you won’t be spammed by us or anyone else.

Many predictions on Resurfacr link to external websites. We have steps in place to reduce material appearing on Resurfacr that shouldn’t be there. However, if you see something that slipped through our defences, you can alert us via our Contact page.

Also, many websites have paywalls, so we have endeavoured to link predictions uploaded by Resurfacr to non-paywall websites.

*collectively referred to as predictions

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